How I can charge my phone?

Depend on the device.
The machines are easy to use everything is designed and developed to be very intuitive
Is fast charging?

The charging time is the same as the one offered any charger, quick charges are not recommended by the manufacturer as they damage the phone.
How long cargo offers?

The service time can be programmed charge in battery advise Help 30 minutes to ensure good load. Although the user can retrieve anytime your phone.

What is the size of each unit Battery Help? - That is, the height, width and weight

Battery In Help We made three models of machines for different establishments that can be found in terms of number of visitors.

What income generating machines?

The location of the machine where tested by our company, conducted between 50-400 monthly charges. The freight price is fully configurable.
  How I can track the use of my machines?

Each machine comes with software that allows a reporting both boxes as dates and export it to Excel format.
What are the costs to sell?

Unlike other vending machines in the market. Selling battery charge has no sales costs by not needing to replace the machine of any product as coffee, snuff, drinks, etc.
What energy consuming machines?

The machines consume 50W for 24 hours
What if new boots appear, can upgrade the machines?

The machines have several exits provided for future changes chargers.
How much are the machines and what is the minimum order?

To request a quote contact

What is the average time of manufacture?

The estimated production is 4-7 weeks.