If you are ready to begin, the time is now and the product are new technologies.
Battery Help From our franchisees offer a great opportunity to succeed and a stable job you will be a reference in your area.
We are revolutionizing the market, how many times have you run out of battery on my phone? How many times have you wished you had a charger nearby? Many are those who can not live without these technologies, when you run out of battery on your cell phone, this will create stress and worry, besides you feel isolated, have no way to contact anyone, do not know where are the few telephone and you can not use any application booths, then they do not have a charger details sent by.


¿Why Help Battery?

1) We have many new products and very tested machines.
2) Our machines have a safety box where you can keep your phone free from problems of theft ..
3) We do not have a system lock locker causing problems misguidance of the key and other problems, but our machine works with a PIN code, like safes hotels, you introduce to leave your phone and pick it up and if you forget the PIN code there is always a teacher who can rescue your phone forever.
4) Our machine works under environment Windows license easily manipulated to fix, inserting or removing any advance or modification you want to have. (Reporting daily, change of charging time and price change amperage in loading, changes in hours and visual environment)
5) Our machines have a display advertising where we will advise regarding advertisements published.
We offer a franchise with great income since we much value to our customer.

high profitability


What is important in our conceptual model of vending informatic is that we have to recharge our machines with nothing and when manufacturers have all kinds of spare parts.
Your Fret just to make money in your city or region, the rest will take care of us.