Device for transport companies

The bus and taxi and devices can place multiple rapid charging and to recharge any smartphone.

multicargador autobusesmulticargador taxi

telephone booths with current use.

We are working on a project for Telefonica Spain to recycle their disused telephone booths for a few machines mobile recharge batteries, vandal and abroad

cabina telefonica cargadora

Napkin wireless charging

When you ask a customer to charge your mobile does not have to: 1Search a cable to the mobile client; 2Search a plug to plug, 3 Ensure that you do not steal or wet mobile customer.                                      With our wireless devices worrying about the cell of his client, a service and make it your customer to monitor your mobile.

servilleteros de cargaservilleteros de cargaservilletero de cargaservilletero de carga

Eco chargers gym machines

Get the energy you generate with your effort on a bicycle turns into recharge your smartphone.

Bicicleta cargadora

Multi chargers for hotel´s rooms

Guests of the hotels have different plugs and sockets, which unificalos to stay at your establishment feel comfortable.

multicargador helpbatterymulticargador usb helpbattery

Lockers charger for Mobile

If you want to spend little money and want to give a free service to your accommodation locker cabinet designs you want and we will manufacture

.taquilla cargadora de movilesarmario taquilla cargadora

Consult your project and can make a joinventure to design and implement what you need.